A Start of Something New

Shayla Crawford

Posted on June 04 2018

Over the past weekend I received everything from texts, direct messages, and emails from women all over the states telling me my story had inspired them or helped them. As happy as I am to know that, it still made me sad because I realized I had just stopped writing. It’s cool to know people have went to my blog and went back that far, but things have been going so well lately that I haven’t been in that dark place and needed that outlet to write.

On the same hand, that hurt is still there, I loved a man who didn’t love me and that’s something that will take awhile to heal. I have just covered it up with things trying to fill that void that he left.

A few days ago I asked the question of what people wanted to hear from me in my blog. Most of the answers I got were fashion, beauty, and travel. However one comment from, a sweet friend, stuck out the most. She said “Be authentic and don’t worry about pleasing anyone.”

We all get so wrapped up in living a life to please others. Especially for influencers or bloggers. It’s a game of trying to determine our audience and gain the most views, likes, and comments. I’ve tried everything I can to gain more followers because the end game is becoming “insta famous”.

I’ve always gained a following for what I wear and the lavish vacations I take, but the followers that stick around are the ones who have followed my story. As much as I’d like to have 50K followers asking me where I bought my shirt, even though it’s tagged and I said it in the caption, I’d rather have 5000 girls following me who are going through the same heartbreak I am.

With that all being said, this is me, this is me being authentic. My story isn’t over yet. I’ve always felt like God wanted to use me in some way. One time someone mentioned the impact I could make if I talked about Jesus in my blogs. I would love too sometimes. However, I feel like He gave me this platform for other reasons.

As of today I am realizing how I want to utilize my blog. I will share of grief, depression, heartache, confidence, and tips to live our best lives. I will try and do some planning and organizing so you all will know when to look for things. I’ve always written when I felt like it but consistency is key!

This post will go up this morning and then I will try to get something else up this evening to kick off the series. 


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