Dyson Hair Review

Shayla Crawford

Posted on April 17 2018

Dyson Hair Review

The Dyson Hair Dryer has been a huge discussion. You’ve seen your favorite bloggers post about their FREE ones they’ve gotten in exchange for raving about how amazing it is. However, is it really that great and is it really worth $400? Lucky for you, I bit the bullet first and gave it a shot and here’s what I think.

To start this off, I have very thick hair. My hair holds moisture like crazy. The coarseness latches onto the water and I swear it will be days later and my roots are still wet. Drying my hair takes a very long time. As a little girl my mom would braid my hair wet and the inside of the braid would never dry. All of my stylists know to block out extra time slots because we’re gonna be there awhile. 

Ever since one of my best friends purchased the dyson I’ve tossed around the idea, but like many of you, afraid if the price was worth it. Since her and I live 3 hours away, it was a little difficult for me to try hers out. So I began saving my ulta points and I was determined to get one. Finally it got to the point where I was buying crap I absolutely didn’t need in order to get points so halfway to the goal I ended up spending out of pocket.

I accepted my fate and it was wash day. I showered, shaved, washed my hair, and prepared to use this all mighty and powerful hair dryer. It is suppose to have all of these technologies and I don’t know what else. I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve probably researched it. 

I am so glad I purchased it! I still personally believe $400 is a steep price for a hairdryer but this is also coming from a kid of a hairdresser who gets everything from State. 

Within FOUR minutes my hair was almost completely dry. The only part that remained was my roots were damp. Everything else was dry and within 4 minutes was dry enough I could have styled my hair. After 4 more minutes of sectioning off and drying my roots my hair was completely dry. A 30+ minute ordeal turned into 8 minutes. This was not a pretty blow out or anything this was strictly just getting it dry. 

Im not sure if this is a part of the technology of it, it may be I’ll have to do some checking, however my hair was so smooth. Normally when drying my hair is frizzy and tangly. I have loads of natural curl so I’m a frizzball when I finish drying. My hair was so silky smooth and actually laid flat! Once I put oil in if I could have walked out the door. 

I was highly impressed with the dyson hair dryer. However I will say this, DO NOT stretch yourself thin trying to buy it. I believe it was worth it, definitely, but I do not believe you should go broke buying one. As I stated, I think that’s very pricey for one. That’s why I started this off describing my hair and then went into describing how it worked for me. I would buy it as a treat for yourself, for working hard or scoring that huge bonus, do not run out and buy one right now just because you read this. UNLESS, you had already planned to do so and this confirmed it for you. 

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