Seven Ways to Live Your Best Life

Shayla Crawford

Posted on July 16 2018

When I write it’s usually because I need to get something off my chest. I write when I’m inspired. I’ve always wrote as a coping mechanism for depression. Honestly, it’s taken me since Friday to come up with anything more than those first few words. Lately I’ve been flooded with messages from women telling me they are inspired by me or they look up to me. Maybe it’s my anxiety, but when I was younger girls use to be SO mean to me in school. It’s hard for me to comprehend that someone actually admires me for the person I’ve always been instead of making fun of me. 

When I came up with the caption “Seven Ways to Live Your Best Life” the only thoughts I had in my head were five is too short and ten is too damn long, so sure let’s go with 7. Every time I tried to write all I could think of was generalized BS that every other blogger talks about. The same crap about being the best you can be. Y’all know my advice can be a little unorthodox sometimes. However as I thought about it I decided to do a little write up on how I AM living my best life. 

I have had the absolute best and worst year of my life. I’ve been drug to hell and back. I’ve overcame and this is how I’ve decided to live my life.

1. Stop Caring

Okay, maybe this is a really basic one but stay with me. The moment I stopped caring was the moment my life did a 180. It didn’t have to do with having confidence or anything remotely close to loving myself. I stopped freaking caring what anyone thought of me. Were my shirts too low cut? Maybe. Should I be less political on social media? Probably. Is my ass too big for the swimsuits I’ve been wearing? Absolutely. You know what? I don’t care. I am the person I want to be. People will always have their negative and nasty thoughts. The only one whose opinion matters is the man upstairs and i’ll talk to him when I get there. 

2. Smile At Everyone You See

Yes I’m serious, no I don’t care if it’s your nemesis from 7th grade, still smile at her. I try my hardest to smile at everyone. No matter where I am I always choose to smile. I’m sorry but no one likes a RBF. I use to have chronic RBF. I would sit in the corner and snarl at anyone who looked in my direction. It takes a second to smile at someone. Also pro tip, smiling makes you way more approachable in bars. 

3. Dress Your Best

I’ve said this for years, one time I got called a c*nt for saying not to wear sweatpants. Quite frankly, I don’t care who wears sweatpants. Since this is my blog and my tips then we’re gonna go with dressing your best. Don’t unfollow me just yet, dressing your best is different for everyone. One woman might feel her sexiest in a short dress with a pair of Louboutains, watching as every man checks her out. However the next woman might feel her sexiest in her sweatpants laying besides her husband on the couch. You wear what makes YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE. For me, I love to be in my favorite pair of Hudson jeans and a tight top. On the same hand I have friends who wear their yoga pants everyday and probably look better than I do. YOU pick your BEST. 

4. Don’t Dismiss The Ugly Guy

For years I’ve always wanted “the guy”. You know the guy that I’m talking about, the hottest one at any event that every girl wants? Yes that’s my guy. I want him. I love a good challenge. In my years I’ve discovered that guys a dick. He knows he can get any girl in there. They want to play the game just like I did.  What about his not as cute friend beside him? Sister, that guy could change your life. Did you realize normally the not very cute ones have to make up for it by having great personalities and will treat you like the damn princess that you are? As a disclaimer this is no indication as to who I’m seeing. I’m just saying I’ve met some really cool people once I stopped thinking I was going to marry Ryan Reynolds. 

5. Always Make Time for Your Friends

Friends are so important. No matter how terrible of a person you are, you’ve got that group that’s always there. How I still have some of the friends I do, I have no idea because I am the WORST. You have no idea how much I appreciate the people I have in my life. This past weekend I went to Ft Worth with some and it was so good for my soul.

6. Appreciate Your Parents

I promise Mimi didn’t bribe me to blog about this. My mom and I have never gotten along well. I’ve always had the attitude of a bratty Pre-teen no matter how old I’ve gotten and she would still do anything for me. Mimi and Papa have done everything they can for Cayman, Me, and Our House. Even if I repaid them financially one day. I could never repay the time and energy they’ve spent in their lives to make me happy. Whatever I’ve wanted in life they’ve made it happen. I don’t know how many thank you’s will ever be enough to show how grateful I am. Parents will always be our first friends and our best friends. Don’t forget to tell them thanks. 

7. Always Love Yourself

I’m still not good at this but every morning I say to myself “If no one else loves me, I know that I love myself”. It’s silly and overplayed but it works. I’ve been so much happier because I haven’t been searching for love from a man. For many of us “loving yourself” it’s hard because it can be taken many different ways. Love yourself as in your confidence and self worth? Well for me, I’m still struggling with my breakup from Chad. So even though he never loved me, I love myself and that’s okay. I no longer need the love of a man because I’m okay with being alone. 

These are the things that keep me going. When I feel suffocated under bills, stress, heartbreak, and everything else that’s thrown at me, I can use some of these things to help me get through. Pick and choose these as you need them. You might not even make it this far through the post. If you do make it this far down, you’re beautiful. ❤️



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