The Next Chapter

Shayla Crawford

Posted on February 21 2018

At the end of last year I knew I was ready for a change. I felt as though there was nothing left for me where I lived. I had no friends in the area. I was tired of my job. I was ready for something new. At that point I wasn’t sure what it was that I was wanting. I knew I had to go somewhere but I wasn’t sure where. As the days rolled by I knew I would receive a sign of what my move should be. So I waited and trusted God would show me the way.

I knew I would more than likely move to Oklahoma City. Moving to Dallas has always been my 10 year plan, so I had to figure out a plan until that point. I was ready for something outside of Chickasha and I loved Oklahoma City so that was always a moment in the back of my mind.

I have always been a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. On a whim, I decided to sell my business. That same day when I told my dad I was selling he said, “Well make sure you keep the name because you’ll want to open a Shadee Palm down here at the beach.” There it was, there was the sign I had been waiting on. 

As the days rolled by, the thought of moving to Amelia Island, FL came ever more into play. I spent days looking at houses, searching for neighborhoods, and researching every school in Northern Florida. I had my heart set on it. I was so excited for the next adventure our family was going to tackle. 

I had every detail worked out even down to the day I would move. It was so hard to keep everything quiet but I knew a lot of things had to happen before I was able to talk about anything. So I continued to stay quiet and plan my new life.

Just recently we took a quick trip down to Amelia Island to see what we thought. My Dad has been doing a lot of work down there and has fell in love with the island, and now it was our turn.

Beautiful pine trees lined the roadways with what looked like perfectly placed palm trees right in the middle of it all. It was a beautiful mix of the state of Florida and the old south. As we drove through the town historic buildings surrounded us and powerful Spanish mosses hung over the streets. People were bustling through the shops and restaurants and I knew I was home. 

The next day we drove through Jacksonville, south down to St Johns, over to Nocatee, and back up the coast through Ponte Verde. I became enthralled with the thought of this being my new home. Beautiful neighborhoods were all around me. As we drove back over the Amelia River I fell in love with the marshes and the sun setting over the river as it flowed into the ocean.

Sitting on the back porch I watched the waves crash onto the beach and I smiled at the thought of seeing this view every day. I found houses that I loved and we even looked at several. However the thought of “how I would do it” came into my mind. The pieces still hadn’t came together yet. Too many things needed to happen and unfortunately the final pieces of the puzzle didn't fit.

“I don’t think it’s going to work out right now.” My Dad said. I cried and I cried. I tried my hardest to choke back the tears. I had my heart set on this next chapter but I knew God had a plan and this plan wasn’t ready to take shape yet.

I told my parents, “Well I guess I’m moving to Edmond then.” My dad said “Well, start looking.”

So thats what I did. I started looking. I haven’t quite decided yet if I will like the cookie cutter neighborhoods or how well I’ll fit in with the Edmond moms but I’m ready for the next chapter.

I’ve personally listed my house for sale and I plan to move once Cayman is finished with this school year. 

As much as I love my hometown, I know there is a lot more out there for more. My life is more than just this small town where everyone knows your name. I’m terrified at not having my parents up the road, and it will be an adjustment not having someone a phone call away to pick up Cayman. I’m excited for what is next. It’s a start of a new life for us and I’m ready for the adventure.

So here’s to new friends, a new life, and the start of a great new year!

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