Fashion Friday

Shayla Crawford

Posted on January 26 2018

This the very first FASHION FRIDAY! 

Fashion Friday will quickly become one of your favorite days. Friday posts will be all about my favorite items, sale finds, and maybe even some giveaways. Mark it on your calendars so you won't miss out.


Today's post is all about my current favorite look. High waisted jeans, cropped sweaters, and slides. The best part is this is a look anyone can get away with. I know you're reading this saying to yourself "I'm a mom, there's no way I can wear a crop top." Well, stop that. You're a hot piece of ass and yes you can! This look is simple, slouchy, and put together all at the same time. I love high waisted jeans because they suck in that pooch that we all hate. Skinny people, just ignore that part. They make our ass look great. Oh, and they are comfortable. Below I will list a few of my favorite pieces and a picture so you can see what it looks like on. Even though, if you're following me, you've already seen me post the look a million times. However, for my new people here's a look for you.


I have a few favorite ones but below I have listed AEO jeans because I am currently SO obsessed with them. Honestly, I don't know why I was holding out because they are life. The best part is select styles are currently BOGO half off. So I knew I had to list these and hook y'all up with the links.


If you are anything like me you feel constrained in sweaters. I love the look of the big chunky sweaters, huge vests, and big flowing scarves. Also, I feel like I'm going to suffocate when I wear this look. The great thing about cropped sweaters is its such a fun transition into spring. You still get the look of the chunky sweater but it also has that "kick" of quirky style to it. The cropped sweaters are not for everyone so I've listed below an array of price ranges so you can dabble in it or jump right in.


Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've seen at least ONE person in a pair of slides. May it be Ri Ri in her puma slides, your favorite blogger with her Gucci ones, or me popping up in your timeline with my target ones that I've beat to death, everyone is wearing them. The slides look is perfect for me because I hate shoes. 



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