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Shayla Crawford

Posted on May 28 2019

Shadee Palm Travels
Most of you are always curious about our travels and have asked us several times about tips and tricks. We finally decided to answer all of your questions. I am just learning all there is to know about traveling savvy, so that is why I got Mimi on board with this little adventure as well. We hope that we are able to use this blog as a way to share all there is to know about some of our favorite places, and also as a way for us to document all the places we've been and places we plan to go! 
We hope that you all enjoy this as much as we do! Here's a sneak peek at some of the things we plan to talk about in this series.
1. How to get a passport! 
Of course, this is first and foremost the most important thing. The great thing about having a passport is it (an adult) passport is good for 10 years. We realized a lot of people didn't know how to go about getting one. It is a very easy process so we will go over a little bit of that. Also some of the helpful tips we have to make the process smoother and some tricks if you are a single parent and the forms you'll need if you are getting a child passport! 
2. Traveling with Children
Surprisingly, it is much easier than one might think. Cayman and her nieces have all been traveling since they are babies. The thought of taking kids even to Walmart is scary and then put them on a plane where they need to be quiet? Yeah, that's not fun to think about. It's amazing how well children do while traveling if you are prepared. Snacks, toys, and iPads are always good to have but theres a few things we do to make sure they are occupied and their sensitive little ears are taken care of.
3. Cruises? 
We have a lot of pro's and con's when it comes to cruises. A lot of people love cruises because they are a great way to see so many different places and experiences several different things in a short amount of time. Another great thing about cruises is most all of them you are able to do a payment plan and several of the lines are very budget friendly.
4. Disney World! 
Of course we will make sure to hit on this one. Disney World is one of our favorite places in the world. My parents have taken me since I was little and no matter how old I get it will continue to be one of the happiest places on earth for me (well aside from Vegas) Did you know you can make payment plans for Disney? Yup that's right! We will talk more about this and let you know where to eat, when to go, and where to stay! 
5. Las Vegas
Las Vegas can be the most fun you've ever had or it can be a complete nightmare, but for the most part Vegas is a blast. There is so many things to do and it is one of my top places for a weekend getaway. Trust me, you won't want to spend more than a weekend in Vegas. Your liver will thank me. The fun part about Vegas is whether you splurge for a penthouse at the Palms or you save money and stay off the strip, you can still have the equal amount of fun.
6. Florida
As most of you know Florida is a place we travel frequently. The best part about Florida is there is a little something for everyone at several different price points. You can choose between a chic all white hotel over looking in the ocean in south beach or a family friendly rental on the emerald cost. We will let you know the best restaurant, best beach towns, and everything there is to know. We've been almost everywhere there is up and down both coasts so we will fill you in! 
7. Caribbean
This is one you know we wouldn't forget. The Caribbean will be broken down into several islands. USVI, BVI, and more - there are so many beautiful islands that it would be hard to mention it all in one! We have our favorite places, places we don't like as much, and then we have places we visit continuously! 
8. Mexico
Mexico is always a popular destination and one of the most budget friendly tropical places to visit! Everywhere you look is all inclusive, so that means lots of drinks while lounging on beautiful white beaches. Where to stay, what to avoid, and is it safe? We will answer everything you've been wondering.
9. How to travel on a budget 
This is something I am just learning, now that I am traveling on my own I am starting to figure out tricks to be able to travel more often by taking cheaper trips. Of course I still love my hiltons, but theres so many tricks to getting free rooms, earning airline miles, and finding cheapest flights. We will fill you in on all of it.
10. Is it beneficial to use travel agents? 
One question we are asked often is if we use travel agents or if we book our trips ourself. For the most part we plan most of our trips but using a travel agent is SO HELPFUL! Did you know travel agents are completely free to use? Yep! 
11. Traveling across the pond.
Europe is at the top of my current to do list but both Mimi and I have been to a few places. I went to Iceland, which was INCREDIBLE, and Mimi did a Med Cruise and visited several places! We don't know much but I would love to talk about my trip to Iceland!
12. Casino Rewards
This is one of our VERY biggest tricks that we use almost everywhere we travel. Did you know if you sign up for casino rewards and do a little gambling with your member card the casino will start to send you information on discounts and even FREE ROOMS? They will do whatever it takes to get you back and this is an excellent way to travel.
13. Best Spots in the USA?
You may have seen my bucket list is to visit all 50 states! Follow along as I continue my journey along the great US of A! 
That is just A SMALL portion of the things we can't wait to share with you! Is there something we've missed? Comment down below and let us know what you want to read about! 

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    Sounds exciting! Glad you and Dee Dee(mimi) are doing this blog!

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